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Name: Kit-Linh

Nickname: Kitty

Birthdate: 10/09/1989

Birthplace: Berlin

Languages: German, Cantonese, bit Chinese, English

Family status: single

Eye colour: brown

Hair colour: black

Height: 1,57

Hobbies: musicals, meeting my friends, shopping, singing, dancing, watch TVB series a.s.o

Siblings: I've got two older sisters and one younger brother.

...meal: I love pasta and pizza, Sushi and some chinese food [what else?] *g*
...drink: Coke, Milshake, Ginger Ale, MezzoMix Finland, Sweden definitely Hong Kong Evanescence I think it'll be OPETH forever but just songs of the album "Damnation"...
...musical: At the moment just "Tanz der Vampire".. It's the only one I saw.
...musicalsong: Oh.. I think the final of Tanz der Vampire and "Ewigkeit". Hm... Ice Age I+II; Monthy Python Movies
...serie: I just watch TVB Series.

Are you...:
...friendly? -Yes, think so.
...moody? -Hm... don't think so.
...always on time? -Definitely NOT! .....
...shy? -Sometimes.
...sporty? -Don't think so.

Anymore questions? Just ask!

xo - Kitty


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